If your firm has ever needed support in the provision of probate services, will writing, or elderly client work, I may have the answer.

I work on a freelance basis, providing a bespoke service to assist firms in Yorkshire and beyond who may need short term intensive assistance or who want to offer a probate service as an add-on without employing permanent fee earners.


Locum Work

To cover short term staff absence on holiday, maternity/paternity leave or sick leave in a planned and cost-effective way.

By employing me direct rather than using an agency, you will make an immediate saving on overheads.



For when your probate solicitor goes off sick, the client needs an answer now and the files are piling up.

For when estate accounts need attention or beneficiaries are shouting. I can help, at short notice if necessary, with concentrated time to spend on the file, particularly those that have built up at the back of the filing cabinet or on the floor.


Problem files

For dealing with those estate accounts, difficult beneficiaries, complicated intestacies and more.

For when you need a second opinion or someone to look over your files with a new eye.


Adding value

Your firm primarily advises on family matters – why send your clients elsewhere for their will?

You are primarily a conveyancer but that house sale needs a grant of probate – why risk losing the client to another firm?